Agriscience Awards
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As many of you know, the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation has suffered a serious loss in that our federal funding has been eliminated and we regret to announce that we are unable to conduct the Agriscience Awards program at this time.

We regret that the Foundation's 19 years of unique STEM service and education programs cannot continue at this time, but assure you that we are working tirelessly to secure additional funding so they can be rebuilt and expanded in the coming years. If the Foundation is able to find a path forward, rest assured that we will reach out to all of our friends with the hope of working with you in the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions, your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome. Please contact the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation at

The Board of Trustees
Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation

The Agriscience Awards are designed to highlight the importance of agriculture in the 21st century. The Foundation, in partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation, has presented four monetary awards to three groups representing new innovative approaches in the field of agriscience around the country--scientists, educators and students.  All award recipients must be living United States citizens.