Agriscience Awards
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Mission Statement
The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation is an independent Federal government agency established by Congress to "encourage and support research, study and labor designed to produce new discoveries in all fields of endeavor for the benefit of mankind."   Governed by a Presidential appointed Board of Trustees, the Foundation seeks to nurture and recognize individuals and programs which reflect the visionary spirit and pioneering heritage of Christopher Columbus.

In 1992 Americans celebrated the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas, and the United States Congress joined in the commemoration by passing Public Law 102-281, the Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Coins and Fellowship Foundation. The initial funding for the Foundation was derived from the sale of three denominations of specially minted coins sold by the United States Mint from August 1992-June 1993. The Foundation received the coin sales surcharges, which constituted the Foundation's endowment, thus establishing a living legacy of explorer Christopher Columbus.

In order to support a broad spectrum of creative thinking and individual and group innovation, the Foundation has established the Frontiers of Discovery--Work in Progress and Discover the Future programs.

Frontiers of Discovery--Work in Progress

Homeland Security Awards
Through the Work in Progress program, the Foundation and AgustaWestland NA will present one $25,000 Homeland Security Awards, in one of the following fields: Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Chemical and Explosive Attacks; Border and Transportation Security; Cyber Security and Information Sharing; and Emergency Response to Natural and Man-Made Disasters.  The award is designed to encourage and promote "cutting edge" innovations in the homeland security area and provide incentive for continuing the research. Please visit

Life Sciences Awards
The Foundation has partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to present four Life Sciences Awards. The recipient of each award must be making or has recently made a significant and positive contribution in the field of life sciences as indicated in each award. The $10,000 Chairmen's Distinguished Life Sciences Award is presented to a scientist for the development of a "cutting edge" innovation in the field of life sciences.  One $5,000 Life Sciences Educator Award is presented to a current high school educator, with at least five years of teaching experience, who is promoting the study of life sciences to students. Two $1,000 Life Sciences Student Awards are presented to current high school students who are making or have recently made significant and positive contributions related to the study of Biology, Chemistry and other life sciences courses. Please visit

Agriscience Awards
The Foundation has partnered with the American Farm Bureau Federation to present four monetary awards to three groups representing new innovative approaches in the field of agriculture around the country.  One $10,000 Distinguished Agriscience Scientist Award will be presented to an adult scientist.  One $5,000 Agriscience Educator Award will be presented to a current high school educator who emphasize concepts, principles and applications in their curriculum to promote the study of agriscience to students.  Two $1,000 Agriscience Student Awards will be presented to current high school students who are judged to exemplify excellence in the field of agriscience.

Frontiers of Discovery--Discover the Future
In the Future program the Foundation supports competitions designed for middle school students. The Foundation sponsors the Christopher Columbus Awards, which challenge teams of students in grades six to eight, to explore and discover opportunities for positive change in their communities using the scientific method. This program taps the potential of middle school students, teaches them how to be creative problem solvers and shows them how to make a difference in their community. Finalist teams and their coaches win an all-expense-paid trip to Orlando, Florida where they take part in National Judging and the Christopher Columbus Academy, a custom-designed educational program conducted by scientists, engineers and educators at Walt Disney World®. The Finalist teams vie for Gold Medals and U.S. Savings Bonds, and one team wins the Columbus Foundation Community Grant which is seed money to take back to their community to make their idea a reality. Please visit:


American Farm Bureau Federation

American Farm Bureau Federation is the unified national voice of agriculture, working through our grassroots state and county Farm Bureaus to enhance and strengthen the lives of rural Americans and to build strong, prosperous agricultural communities. Farm Bureau is an independent, non-governmental, voluntary organization governed by and representing farm and ranch families united for the purpose of analyzing their problems and formulating action to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement and, thereby, to promote the national well-being.”

Questions? Please contact the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation at